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Chapel of Holy Cross Below Courthouse Rock © Mike Koopsen

There are few places that claim more beautiful landscape than Sedona, Arizona. Soul enriching. and captivating. Mike Koopsen captures the essence of Sedona. He has a creative eye that transforms what most eyes may not see. His view of what transforms mother nature into art. Balancing visual composition with interlocking synergy.

Perspective. Shapes. Shadows. Light. Definition. Texture. Harmony. Emotion. All that harnesses all of the senses. You can not see the historical images, but you can almost hear them. The sounds of cascading waterfalls and shimmering waters. The chatter of leaves in gentle breeze. The music of songbirds. The aura of ancient civilization. That's Mike Koopsen.

He presents these images for your viewing pleasure. All photos are copyright Mike Koopsen. He is available for assignment photography and prints of his photographs are available. See his Photo Gallery.

Bell Rock

Cathedral Rock

Oak Creek Canyon

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