Sedona & Oak Creek Hiking Trails

Hiking doesn’t get much better in Arizona than the spectacular scenic country surrounding Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Trail difficulty ranges from easy to strenuous with moderate levels in between. The elevation gains ranges from just a couple of hundred feet to about 2,800 ft. gain. Trailhead elevations range from about 3,600 to 6,400 ft.. Typically, the elevation gain determines the levels of hiking difficulty.

The following summary of hiking trails are for your summarized convenience. For detailed descriptions of each hiking trail visit the Coconino National Forest Website.

Sedona Arizona Hiking Trails

Trails Difficulty Length Elevation
A.B. Young #100 Strenuous2.4 mi.2,000 ft.
Airport Loop Easy4.3 Miles220 ft.
Apache Maid #15 Strenuous9.5 mi.2,500 ft.
Bear Mountain #54 Strenuous2.5 mi.1,800 ft.
Bell Rock Pathway Easy to Moderate3.7 Miles50 ft.
Bell Trail #13 Moderate11.0 mi.2,800 ft.
Blodgett Basin Trail #31 Moderate2.5 mi.1,600 ft.
Boynton Canyon #47 Easy2.5 mi.450 ft.
Brins Mesa #119 Moderate3.0 mi.600 ft.
Casner Canyon Trail #11 Moderate to Strenuous2.0 mi.1,800 ft.
Casner Mountain Trail #8 Strenuous7.0 mi.2,150 ft.
Cathedral Rock Moderate0.7 Miles600 ft.
Chimney Rock Pass Moderate1.0 Miles150 ft.
Cookstove Trail #143 Moderate to Strenuous0.7 mi.800 ft.
Courthouse Butte Loop Moderate4.2 Miles250 ft.
Doe Mountain Trail #60 Easy0.7 mi.400 ft.
Dogie Trail #116 Moderate to Strenuous5.4 mi.1,000 ft.
Fay Canyon Trail #53 Easy1.1 mi.150 ft.
Harding Springs Trail #51 Moderate to Strenuous0.7 mi.700 ft.
Hot Loop Trail #94 Moderate to Strenuous9 mi-1 way2,000 ft.
Jacks Canyon Trail #55 Moderate to Strenuous6.5 mi.2,000 ft.
Jordan Trail Moderate1.5 Miles200 ft.
Long Canyon Trail #63 More Difficult9.5 mi.1,500 ft.
Long Canyon Trail #122 Easy2.9 mi.500 ft.
Lower Chimney Rock Easy1.0 Miles100 ft.
Loy Canyon Trail #5 Moderate to Strenuous5.0 mi.1,700 ft.
Mooney Trail #12 Strenuous4.2 mi.1,000 ft.
Parsons Trail #144 Easy4 mi.200 ft.
Schnebly Hill Strenuous1.7 Miles400 ft.
Secret Canyon Trail #121 Strenuous5.5 mi.600 ft.
Soldiers Pass Trail #66 Moderate2.4 mi.450 ft.
Sterling Pass Trail #4 Strenuous2.4 mi.1,100 ft.
Summit Trail Easy1.0 Miles100 ft
Taylor Cabin Trail #35 Very Strenuous2.3 mi.1,800 ft.
Teacup Trail Moderate2.0 Miles200 ft.
Thomas Point Trail #142 Moderate1.0 mile850 ft.
Thunder Mountain Easy1.0 Miles50 ft.
Towel Creek Trail #67 Moderate6.4 mi.1,500 ft.
Vultec Arch Trail #22 Easy1.7 mi.400 ft.
Walker Basin Trail #81 Moderate8.0 mi.2,000 ft.
West Clear Creek #17 Moderate7.7 mi.2,100 ft.
West Fork Oak Creek #108 Easy3.0 mi.150 ft.
Wilson Mountain Trail #10 Strenuous5.6 mi.2,400 ft.
North Wilson Trail #123 Strenuous2.0 mi.1,450 ft.


Hiking Trail Map

Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon Area Hiking Trails Map


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Hiking Trails in Sedona & Oak Creek

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