Sedona Arizona Vacation

Sedona. A Magical Vacation.

Many surveys and travel destination professionals rank Sedona highly as a vacation destination. The USA WEEKENDs Annual Travel Report rates Sedona as the most beautiful place in America and Rand McNally ranks the route through Sedona up the Oak Creek Canyon as a top five scenic drive in the entire country. With over four million visitors each year, Sedona ranks only behind the Grand Canyon as the most visited spot in Arizona.

One thing for sure, those that visit are rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views the world has to offer. And photographers can never begin to portray the amazing beauty to be discovered in the Red Rock Country of Sedona AZ. It's rugged yet gentle and soothing. It's rustic yet elegantly contemporary. It's a place of four colorful seasons with year-round comfortable temperatures conducive for almost any recreation or adventure.

Sedona colors against brilliantly blue skies are like a natural fiesta. Reds, oranges, peaches and hues of gold. Lush greenery, thick forests and towering sycamore trees accent the shimmering Oak Creek where reflections of incredible views flow down-creek to tantalize the world. The images are awe-inspiring and provoke the senses.

The whole Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon is a land of contrast and diverse interest. That's just one of the things that makes it such a tourist magnet. There's just so much to see, absorb and enjoy. It attracts the backcountry-hiking enthusiasts who hike canyons that are otherwise inaccessible. Many prefer the visual tranquility in its simplest fashion like delicate wildflowers peaking from crevices in redrock formations, spectacular rainbows high above statuesque cliffs and stunning sunsets. Others are drawn to the small town charm and its artisans and unique galleries. Sedona is a haven for ancient historical buffs. A place abundant in ancient Indian ruins that dot the entire area and new evidence of prehistoric artifacts are being discovered frequently on cliff-sides where they've been hidden for thousands of years.

Pound-for-pound there's more tour guides and adventure tours than almost any other place in the country. Jeep tours, balloon tours, helicopter tours, trolley tours, horseback tours and trail rides, guided hiking treks and even tours to sites long believed to be spiritual energies emanating from inner earth. There are endless attractions in Sedona. Historical, cultural, scenic and metaphysical. Perhaps one of the most exciting is the Verde Canyon Railroad tour into the strikingly beautiful Verde Canyon that traces the original railway route through tunnels alongside the Verde River. You can almost hear the sounds of the old west.

Sedona seems to be the center gateway access to all that makes northern Arizona so outstanding. Like Flagstaff Arizona, the Grand Canyon, the historic town of Jerome and magical lands of the Navajo, Hopi and other Indian Tribes of the Southwest. Places like the Snow Bowl ski slopes, Meteor Crater, the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert and Lake Powell where the Colorado River enters the beginning of the Grand Canyon.

Sedona is not just an ever-enlarging vacation destination, it's a booming mecca of where beautiful weddings begin. It's an environment that spawns romance making it the ideal honeymoon spot where the couples return often to celebrate their most memorable lifetime event. Wedding resources and expert professional planners are abundant in Sedona.

Sedona is named for a lovely lady. Is it any wonder the area is a special touch of Mother Nature. This entire area was once covered by seas millions of years ago. With the withdrawal of waters, dynamic earthly changes occurred. Breathtaking rock formations were created and all that surrounded became a gift of nature for a lifetime to enjoy.

All that is magical can be discovered here. That's Sedona Arizona. The most magical vacation paradise in America. Click here for the best deals in luxury resorts.

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