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Planning Your Sedona Wedding

What makes Sedona a special place to get married is its great views and tranquil environment.

Planning Around Sedona Weather

Anytime is a great time for a wedding in Sedona. Spring or early Autumn are the most pleasant times when the weather is most enjoyable outdoors, but Sedona features some beautiful scenes during the winter months as well. Summer is also a gorgeous time in the red rock county since at about a 4,500 elevation, the temperatures are much cooler versus the desert areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.

Sedona Weather Chart. Sunset & Sunrise Times

Our Sedona climate chart shows the average monthly high and low temperatures and average rainfall as well as approximate sunrise and sunset times for each month in Sedona, Arizona. This weather information will help you plan the best time time for your Sedona wedding.

Sedona Weather Chart

Annual Climate Overview

January, February & March. Plan on day temperatures of 50s and 60s with nighttime falling to the 20s and 30s. It’s the coolest time of the year, and snow can frequently be seen on the red rock buttes giving a winter wedding a nice visual touch.

April and May Springtime. Expect daytime highs of 70s and nights that cool to the 40s. It’s a lushly green time of year with spring color beginning to blossom.

June Early Summer. The weather and temperatures are most pleasant at the beginning of summer when daytime temperatures are comfortably in the 80s to 90s with nights in the 60s. Book your Sedona hotel or resort well in advance since this is a busy, active time in Sedona. June has the lightest average monthly rainfall.

July, August & September. Summertime brings warmer temperatures in the 90s to about 100 degrees F. Night temperatures will run in the 60s and 70s. Sunsets are beautiful during this period but anticipate short afternoon thunderstorms followed by brilliant rainbows.

October and November Fall Months. It’s a colorful time for a wedding as autumn color changes begin. Expect cooling temperatures of 60s - 70s daytime with nights at 30s to 40s.

December Holiday Season. Average temperatures in December area about 50 to 60 degrees F. falling to the 30s at night.

Sedona Wedding Affordability

Whether you're planning a small wedding or a lavish fairytale wedding of your dreams with family and close friends sharing the memorable event, the bride and groom can set a reasonable budget. Just like any popular wedding destination, costs can run the gamut depending upon desires and expectations. One thing remains constant....the most beautiful panoramic views and serene tranquility that exists in Sedona, Arizona is just right for the perfect wedding. Wedding Planners in Sedona feature both affordable packages for small, intimate weddings or gala events that accommodate hundreds of guests.

Take Advantage of What Sedona Offers

Take full advantage of what has made Sedona famous. The beauty of the red rocks and shimmering Oak Creek. You can rent an indoor wedding hall anywhere. Sedona features the beauty of outdoors with landscape that has been considered as sacred land since ancient times. Sunsets over the majestic red rock buttes or alongside the creek under the Sycamores create scenes for the most romantic event of a lifetime. There are resorts and hotels that complement the convenience of inside and outside moments that fit the occasion. Many local Sedona bed and breakfast inns are expert in planning the perfect environment for a marriage. Checkout our list of Wedding Ceremony Venues for a wide variety of choices. Our list of Wedding Consultants are very experienced in assisting you with choosing the ideal place to get married.

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