Take A Spiritual Vacation To Sedona

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona AZ

Designated by USA Today as America's most beautiful city, Sedona, Arizona offers far more than scenic wonders. Many also consider Sedona America's premier spiritual vacation destination. Getaways have always been about rest and rejuvenation. Now many travelers seek the additional benefit of spiritual reinspiration.

People of all faiths have long found those effects in Sedona, Arizona which has often been called an open air cathedral. The majestic red rock scenery and year round evergreen vegetation have tangible regenerative power. Sedona's spectacular hiking trails and overlooks provide unlimited opportunities for inspiration, prayer, and contemplation. Within minutes visitors can go from the wonders of wilderness to the awe inspiring vision of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a soaring chapel built into the red rocks.

The deep harmony of nature awaits hikers of the West Fork Trail. As it weaves along the west fork of Oak Creek, more species of vegetation abound than in any other location in Arizona. From the benches at the Chapel of the Holy Cross you can feel your Soul soar out to the magnificent red/orange vistas of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Rock, and Bell Rock.

Internationally known for the uplifting power of it's Vortex meditation sites, Sedona also offers the full range of spiritual explorations and metaphysical services. A wide range of readers, healers and spiritual guides are easily accessible to Sedona AZ visitors. A five to fifteen minute drive can connect the seeker with a variety of metaphysical bookstores and centers where spiritually based massage, readings, and other services are all available.

What makes Sedona additionally unique is that most of its Vortex meditation and prayer sites are interwoven with the real world of a small town. As a result, seekers get insights for truly living their spirituality in their daily life. Rather than having to escape from civilization to find peace, visitors discover that Sedona's splendor gives them a sense of awe and harmony they can carry back home with them.

The wide range of Sedona hotel, RV, and camping options in Sedona and the Verde Valley makes visiting affordable for all budgets. Travelers can find accommodations ranging from economy motels to the finest of Sedona luxury resorts.

Dining selections at Sedona restaurants are similarly diverse. With choices ranging from cafes to health food deli's; Mom and Pop ethnic restaurants to world class gourmet cuisine, no palate will go unsatisfied.

This year take a vacation that touches your Soul for years to come!

Consider taking a Vortex Spiritual Tour.

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Taking A Spiritual Vacation To Sedona AZ

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