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The Astounding Beauty of Sedona Arizona

Some call Sedona an "open air cathedral". USA Today has called it America's most beautiful city. Many vacationers consider Sedona the premier spiritual vacation destination spot in the country. Generally, getaways are about rest and rejuvenation. Sedona, Arizona features the added-value of spiritual re-inspiration where people of all faiths discover the effects in Sedona within its many vortex meditation sites.

Sedona’s spectacular red mountain scenery accented by green forest, lush color and shimmering Oak Creek has regenerative power. Its spectacular hiking trails and its nature provide opportunities for inspiration, prayer, contemplation and discovering one’s inner-self. Within minutes visitors can go from the wonders of wilderness to the awe-inspiring vision of the Chapel of the Holy Cross built high above into the red rocks.

Internationally known for the uplifting power of its vortex meditation sites that seem to exude everywhere in Sedona, there are a full-range of spiritual explorations and metaphysical services and vortex tour guides that will take you to the core-center of its many vortexes. There are also a wide variety New Age Shopping venues including metaphysical bookstores; places where you can get spiritually based massage treatments, spiritual readings, crystals and more.

Vortexes are points of intense spiritual energy. Those that believe claim to experience visions of the future or of past lives and that vortex spots are of immense natural beauty where emotions are released to express artistic passion. There are skeptics who believe the vortex phenomenon is a hoax. Regardless of what you believe, all will agree that Sedona is indeed one of the most tranquil vacation places in America.

What’s really unique about Sedona is that most of its spiritually uplifting and healing vortex sites are interwoven in and around this most picturesque town. Like Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and other vortex spots that extend to wilderness areas and ancient Native American dwellings.

If you only have time for one vortex spot, visit Airport Mesa about an hour before sunset for some incredible views overlooking Sedona. It is breathtaking. Make sure to purchase a Red Rock Pass at a Sedona Visitor Center or at several local business establishments. Priced at $5 (2009). The Pass is required to park in the Forest Service pull-off on Airport Road where you can enjoy hiking on some trails. After an enjoyable hike, join the evening crowds that gather across from the parking lot to watch the sunset.

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The Metaphysical Energy in Sedona AZ

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