Sedona, A Mecca of Artists
& Art Lovers Like No Other.

Where there’s artists, there are art galleries. Where there are art galleries there are art lovers. Well, Sedona Arizona is a mecca of artists that attract a worldwide audience. Sedona now rivals Santa Fe and Scottsdale in its richness of treasured art and sculpture.

As a community these artisans foster Sedona’s reputation as a vacation destination. It is home to over 200 well-accomplished artists of every medium and expressionist style from contemporary to visionary, from Native American to modern realism.

Sedona artists are creatively inspired by the palette of Sedona. The spires of sun-struck red rock mountains accented with fringes of lush green forest. The sparkling reflections of azure blue skies off the shimmering Oak Creek surrounded by colors of flora. Sedona with its ever-changing light mesmerizes artists. It’s the uniqueness of Sedona nature that challenges them to capture its splendor.

The artistic splendor abounds at more than 40 galleries where you’ll find a wide spectrum of Southwestern, Western and Native American arts. Sedona art galleries showcase the works of artists who are known nationally and internationally. They are magnets to a full ongoing calendar of showcase openings, artist receptions, demonstrations and workshops that keep the art aficionado entertained all year round.

Sedona lured Max Ernst, a surrealist painter and sculptor to this undiscovered hideaway in 1950. Other artists and creative writers have followed since. In 1965, the Cowboy Artists of America was founded in Sedona by four Western artists who were as handy with a horse as they were with a paintbrush.

Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton and George Phippen formalized the Cowboy Artists of America at a “local watering hole”. Years later it created an annual show held in Phoenix that draws thousands of western art enthusiasts from all points of the planet that appreciate the earthbound beauty of this genre of painting and sculpture.

Popular Art Venues in Sedona


The Sedona Art & Sculpture Walk
This annual three-day event is held in late spring each year. Held among the red rocks of the Poco Diablo Resort, it features 80-100 artists from around the country in a juried exhibition. For dates, times and more information, visit the event website.


Sedona Arts Center
Founded in 1958 by visionaries who felt the artistic climate of Sedona Arizona needed a place where artists could display their works and teach in spirit of community participation. Its First Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival will be held in the fall of 2005.


This is Sedona’s premiere Art and Crafts Village featuring over 40 shops and galleries with one-of-a-kind works of art that makes the visit so special. Its Indian name means “the best of everything”. In colonial style, this place is a work of art itself in a warm, inviting and festive environment.

If You Go…
See our Sedona Resort section for more luxurious accommodations or Bed and Breakfast Inns for a more romantic setting. You’ll enjoy the world-class cuisine that Sedona Restaurants have to offer.


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Artists & Artisans In Sedona Arizona

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